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Email your MP to help #ExposeBigPorn

Over the past 20 years, a vast, global porn industry has sprung online. Known as "Big Porn", it is dominated by a few massive tech companies that largely go unscrutinised and unregulated by governments. Big Porn is not naive. Free from oversight, these online platforms have amassed huge profits from videos of rape, abuse and other violent and non-consensual sexual content. Younger generations are growing up in a hypersexualised culture which is being profoundly shaped by violent, racist, misogynistic online porn. The porn industry has been given a free pass from accountability. Until now. CEASE is calling on the UK government to stop Big Porn from facilitating sexual exploitation. Here are our recommendations:

CEASE UK is calling on the government to:
1. Mandate the use of Age Verification for all pornographic websites.
2. Introduce regulation to ensure that pornography websites either remove user generated content (UGC) functionality or implement robust age and consent verification processes. 
3. Identify pornography websites as providers of Category 1 services, introduce relevant Codes of Practice and designate a specific regulator to ensure compliance. 

Help us protect children and the vulnerable by emailing this pre-written template to your MP. Type in your postcode below to find your MP and continue following the steps: